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I grew up learning a lot from my parents. They taught me "Real Italian" values which were the guiding force of our family owned business. Never cut corners, quality over quantity and always keep your word. 
I am especially grateful to my father, Gianni, who passionately believed in instilling in me his values and traditions that he inherited while growing up in Rome and Naples, Italy. I was always obsessed with pizza since a young boy and that has not stopped to this day. I am constantly on the lookout on how we can make things better. I like to say that I am not only in the pizza business, I am in the business of delivering happy and memorable experiences. My goal is to bring to you an authentic taste of New York and Italy in every bite. To our family of customers who have come to know us for quality and consistency, you have my word that we will always strive for excellence and do our very best to never let you down! This is our guarantee to you. 

Johnny Colandrea Owner & Operator